Gorilla Trekking Road Trip

Rwanda Gorilla Tour

Road trips are some of the best ways to explore any destination. You always get enough time at your disposal to include detours without losing your initial plan. Though many travel itineraries around East Africa often focus on including places like Serengeti national park, and Masai Mara national reserve among several other savannah national parks.  […]


Top 10 Destinations to Visit in Uganda

Uganda is a landlocked country located in East Africa bordered by Rwanda, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo from different directions. Uganda has a very diverse culture, landscape, flora and fauna which attract most travellers into the country. The country is home to very unique primates like chimpanzees, mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, […]


Savannah and Rainforest Parks in Uganda

Savannah Parks Vs Rainforested Parks In Uganda National parks are one of the major tourist attractions in Uganda. These are usually sub-divided according to the nature of the area where they are located. Uganda alone has ten national parks with three-quarters of this number being the Savannah and Rain forested parks.  Mountain Rwenzori and Mountain […]