Safari Fuel Calculation Tips

How To Calculate Fuel Enough For Your Safari

Safaris in Uganda are adventures of a lifetime. The pearl of Africa is one of the countries that have everything Africa has to offer to any traveller. From the snowcapped mountains of the moon to the pleasant beauty of Kazinga channel, from the powerful Murchison falls to the stunning stillness of lake Bunyonyi, rain forest to savannah, mountains to lakeside among others. All these are waiting for you to explore. Uganda is the heart of Africa bathed in sunshine astride the equator with its peaceful, friendly and vibrant people.

To have a successful trip you have to a lot of time in planning for it. This process involves searching for the suitable tour company and then get your safari quotation. The money paid for the safari includes multiple things like Accommodation, meals, activities, guides, park entry fees, internet, vehicle, and fuel.  However, if you’re to hire a car in Uganda for a self-drive trip, some things are not provided like the guide unless requested for him. A slight mistake can disorganize your safari within a minute.

It is really hard for humans to avoid mistakes but when planning for your safari, it is better to be keen on some things especially fuel. There is no vehicle that can move with no gas, okay they may be there but fuel vehicles are better for safaris in Africa. You cannot budget for the fuel if you don’t know the exact fuel or Kilometers you’re going to move for the whole safari. Now the question is how can you calculate enough fuel for your safari?

To calculate the fuel costs for your safari, you must know the engine size and trip distance, the average per litre cost of Fuel and the vehicle’s fuel consumption. One of the crucial things when it comes to calculating fuel is to know the consumption of the vehicle you’re going to use on your safari, whether gasoline or diesel.

It helps you to know the Kilo meters the vehicle moves with one litre of fuel. After getting the total distance of the trip, divide it with the fuel consumption average of the vehicle and what you get is the total fuel the vehicle will consume. When you multiply the kilometres with the cost of one litre of fuel, you get the total amount of money you will spend on fuel for the entire trip.

However, the amount of fuel calculated may exceed depending on some factors like using too much air conditioner, traffic density, nature of the roads and the way the vehicle is driven among others. So don’t be confidently sure that it will be the exact amount you will spend on fuel. It may be higher or slightly lower than the amount calculated. If all fails, you can contact the car hire company to help you.

Self-drive safaris are becoming very popular within Uganda. In simple words, if you’re looking for the best destination to partake a self-drive safari, look no further than Uganda. The “Pearl of Africa” has millions of car hire companies that can offer you any type of vehicle for self-drive. Among the top car hire agencies in Uganda include 4×4 Uganda Ltd, Self Drive Uganda, Rental Cars Uganda Ltd, Hertz, Auto-Rental Company, Kayak and African Jungle Adventures among others. However, to avoid fraud, you should make a research about the company you are intending to use, check on their reviews on travel advisories such as Trip Advisor and Lonely planet. And for the best quote, contact a number of operators and then compare their responses and offers.