Self Drive Tour Tips

Travel tips on a self-drive safari in Uganda

Self-drive safaris are becoming very popular within Uganda. In simple words, if you’re looking for the best destination to partake a self-drive safari, look no further than Uganda. The pearl of Africa has millions of car hire companies that can offer you any type of vehicle for self-drive. It is really challenging to drive in a new destination like Uganda. So you need to be very careful when driving especially in the remotest routes of Uganda. However there some travel tips that can guide you while on a self-drive safari in Uganda.

  • Check the vehicle thoroughly

Before setting off, check the vehicle thoroughly, the tires must be in good conditions and always make sure the spare tires are in good shape. In case you’re going on long trips, it is better to travel with 2 spare tires. Before starting a vehicle, there some worth things to check like water levels, oil, wipes blades and for any leakages. The service tag will help you to know when the vehicle was serviced.

  • Avoid driving at night

Most of the roads in Uganda have no street lights and signs. And highways have highway robbers. Sometimes you may fail to get assistance in case of any problem at night. So to be on a safe side, avoid driving at night.

  • Use Road maps and GPS

Chances are very high for you to get lost while on a self-drive safari in a destination you not used to since it is very challenging to drive in a foreign country. But to be on a safe side not to get lost, the road map and the GPS helps you to find the appropriate direction in the remotest areas that you may not be familiar with. Some car rental companies once you hire for a 4×4 vehicle for self-drive, they give you the road map and the GPS at a cheaper price.

  • Obey the traffic laws while on Road

Like in any country, traffic laws are worth following if you’re to stay out of danger on the road. While on a self-drive safari in Uganda, follow the traffic laws and don’t drink and drive. Still make sure to tighten your seat belt and the other members on board.

  • Have breaks, Refresh and fuel the vehicle

Refreshing yourself after a long drive is a very important factor while on a self-drive safari. Still, have adequate eats and drinks while fueling the vehicle. Always remember not to leave a big center without filling your gas tank because you may not find any fuel station in the next area especially the protected areas in Uganda.

  • Avoid driving when you’re tired

Once you feel tired, it is better to park aside and have a rest or give your colleague to also take up the wheel, provided she or he has a valid driving license.

  • Take care of the weather changes

The speed of driving will change with the weather.  Always control your speed when it’s raining since the roads can be slippery. Murram roads are too dusty in the dry season, therefore, advisable to rent a car with functioning Air conditioner, and in rain season, the roads are muddy and impassable without a functioning 4wd. Some of the most popular roads that are terrible during rain season include; some parts between Sipi and Kidepo National Park, Masindi to Kyenjojo via Kagadi, Ishasha sector and all roads through the Magnificient Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga National Park.

  • Pay attention to other road users

The roads in Uganda are narrow and some don’t have pedestrian walks.  It is the duty of the driver to pay attention and observe the other road users like the motor-cyclist riders, students plus the cattle crossing.

Self-drive safari in Uganda has lot more to keep in mind like to stay safe while on your trip. So you have to follow the above-listed tips and you will enjoy your tour in Uganda.