Self- driving Tips in Rwanda

Rwanda is one of the best destinations in Africa that are renowned for the exciting mountain gorilla safaris. Mountain gorillas are not the only attractions that pull visitors to Rwanda but also the country has positioned itself as the best for up-market tourism in Africa and also the perfect destination for MICE (Meetings, Incentives, conferences, and Entertainments).

Rwanda is a very safe country that any visitor can explore without help from a guide though there are spots that require a guide for a perfect experience. Since 1994 after the genocide, Rwandan has become one peaceful nation with rich historical culture and hospitable people towards visitors. This has made a number of visitors flock to Rwanda and some even engage in a self-drive in Africa’s cleanest nation.

Self-drive in Rwanda is exceptional, adventurous and it requires keen attention towards road tips in Rwanda. Rwanda is one of the countries in Africa that have the best roads with clear traffic signs and symbols. These road signs are seen alongside the roads and are vital because they help to instruct and inform the drivers about road usage. In Rwanda, driving is done on the right-hand side unlike in Uganda which is the left-hand side.

In case of a self drive in Rwanda it is important that visitors follow some important driving tips which are intended to enhance road safety and to have the best self drive experience in Rwanda. It’s simple to drive in Rwanda as long as you follow the driving tips listed below.

  • Age

The recommended minimum driving age is 18 years especially for those in driving category A and B and for those in category C,D,E and F the minimum is 20 years. Rwanda’s driving age is so clear that any one below the recommended age is not allowed to drive.

  • A valid driver’s License

To drive in Rwanda, you must have international or domestic driving permits before allowing you to drive. For those possessing international driving permits it can only work for a period of 12 months, after which you must apply for the Rwandan driver’s license.

  • Don’t Drink and Drive

It is in Rwanda where the slogan “don’t drink and drive” is taken into serious consideration and put into action by the authorities compared to the other east African countries. Therefore, as you plan for your Rwanda self drive experience, drink responsible or employ someone to drive you to your hotel.

  • Seat Belt

Drive when the seat belts are tight on. The traffic rules and regulations indicate that all car occupants are supposed to tighten their seat belts for emergency purposes. For any traveler who is planning for a self drive in Rwanda never be over excited and you end up forgetting to put on the seat belt, it will impose some extra expense on the entire experience.

  • Third party is required

This is an insurance policy which is purchased for protection against claims of another. This is the commonest insurance policy that is used by most automobiles in Rwanda. This helps because it covers against claims of damages and losses incurred by a driver who is not insured, and therefore not covered under the insurance policy. Before embarking on a self drive have the third party among your travel documents, or have it stuck on the vehicle.

  • Speed Limit

There are different speed limits in different locations. In Rwanda the maximum driving speed within the towns is 40km/hr, and on highways is 60km/hr. It is important before taking on the self drive experience in Rwanda, inquire from the car rental provide about the recommended speed in order to have the best of the adventure in Rwanda.

  • Use of Phone while driving

Using phones while driving is prohibited unless phones which are equipped with hand free kit. The best way to be safe while driving is to not receive or make a call while driving unless use hands free gadgets like ear-phones, Bluetooth and other possible means.

However most of the car hire companies are privately owned and opened by citizens who are really doing their best to offer total customer satisfaction.