Tourist Activities Around Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is situated in the South-Western part of Uganda, 7 km west of Kabale Town lies the most beautiful and one of the deepest Lakes in Uganda and East Africa at large. Lake Bunyonyi is endowed with the 29 islands and its about 25 kilometers long, 7 Kilometers wide, and 35,000 feet hence the deposit in Uganda and East Africa.

Lake Bunyonyi is surrounded by steep Kigezi terraced hills, and lush green vegetation and is conveniently located in a remote area that supplements the beautiful scenery with a quiet ambiance to chill out, hideaway, and enjoy the spoils of the perfect South-Western climate.

Lake Bunyonyi is believed to have been formed 10,000 years ago and was created when River Ndego was blocked by lava flowing from one of the volcanoes of the Virunga mountains covering up the valley around this area into a stagnated water body. Over the years, this has developed into a beautiful island clustered Lake with fresh waters and fish.

Lake Bunyonyi - South Western Uganda
Lake Bunyonyi – South Western Uganda

While at Lake Bunyonyi, there are a variety of activities to enjoy and they will offer you maximum satisfaction:

  • Boat launch on Lake Bunyonyi

You can enjoy the ride on a speed boat or a canoe boat. There are countless boats for hire on the banks of the lake ready to take you inland all day. Lake Bunyonyi waters are free from water mammals like crocodiles, Hippos, and so on. The inland guided boat tour on Lake Bunyonyi will allow you to explore a number of islands to see a variety of attractions and above all the birds.

  • Community tours around Lake Bunyonyi

Explore the Switzerland of Africa by touring the neighboring villages. With a local guide, visit residents to learn more about their culture, history, and current behaviors among others. Tracks along the terraces, banana plantations, and lush green vegetation give a clear view of the 29 islands. It gives quite a great picture-perfect spot from all angles.

  • Birding

Lake Bunyonyi is a home for over 200 bird species like the grey-crowned cranes, red-chested sunbirds, flycatchers, white-tailed blue Monard, weavers, egrets, herons, woodpeckers among others all over the banks of the lakes. Visitors can see birds on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi on foot and inland islands.

  • Swimming in Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is safe for swimming because it’s Bilharzia-free. There are places put in place to allow easy deep dives into the open waters.

  • Visit Local market

The African Market experience is something you should. Markets around Lake Bunyonyi have about anything you can think of ranging from African crafts, vegetables, shoes, clothes, and electronics. The people move around swiftly as they haggle for cheaper prices, others stand around and catch up with each other, and others ride in with more merchandise to sell.  A local market is a place where people come to connect and catch up with others.

  • Visiting Batwa pygmies

Batwa pygmies are believed to be the original in habitats of western Uganda forest “people of the forest” They have a unique culture and hamble living.  While at Lake Bunyonyi, meet the Batwa in the ‘Echuya Forest Reserve’ who is believed to have been originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is a tribe of hunters/gatherers who used to live in the Democratic Republic of Congo rain forests until they migrated to South Western Uganda after being removed from their land as a result of industrialization. There are almost 4,000 Batwa living in this area.

Lake Bunyoyi Rock Resort
Lake Bunyoyi Rock Resort
  • Mountain biking

Mountain Biking enables clients to explore Bunyonyi land and the surrounding areas. You can make arrangements in advance with the help of the tour operators on the ground. Mountain Biking allows you to get up close and personal with lots of the local people.

  • Ziplining on Lake Bunyonyi

It’s a newly introduced activity in the region. Sturdy ropes are connected between trees on the opposite banks of the Lake. You get to swing over the calm waters of the lake and even make half-somersaults to touch the waters and feel the breeze on your face.

It is a fun, exhilarating experience to linger over the lake and splash the water as you drift from one end to another. Safety equipment is provided for this activity on-site. The equipment used is well-tested to ensure the safety of everyone on the ziplines.

  • Discover the islands

Lake Bunyonyi is dotted with 29 islands each one more fascinating from the other. With your preferred mode of transport, you get a chance to visit every island on the Lake and explore it.

While on Uganda safaris, western Uganda should be a must-visit, and gorilla trekking is the first priority. Thereafter, move to relax at Lake Bunyonyi before boarding a plane back home.

Accommodation around Lake Bunyonyi

On your visit to lake Bunyonyi, there is a wide variety of accommodations depending on our budget, and among these include;

There are also many accommodation options around Kabale town ranging from as low 50.000Uganda Shillings ($15 per night)